Friday, March 20, 2009

Sydney Town!

Well I know it has been a while since I posted on here but I have been busy and well, with one thing another time just flew (and the battery ran out in my chaperone's camera too!)

But what a time in Sydney I had - so much to see and do and really just not enough time.

Where to start..........well, I was staying in a lovely apartment for my entire stay so that was fun had glorious views of Darling Harbour and Centrepoint Tower but I wasn't just relaxing no I took in several sites.

Let's see - had to walk over the Harbour Bridge and her I am doing just that!

(See the person jogging?) I didn't do that I took in the amazing structure that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can climb the bridge and climb to the top of the arch - amazing the views!!

Of course, whilst walking across you get a great view of the Sydney Opera House. I even walked down to the Opera House a few days later which just really got me to appreciate the wonder of the design. It is really one of the wonders of the world.

Now, having ticked off the 2 must sees in Sydney I then took a stroll around Sydney town.

Gee, there is a lot of sandstone in Sydney and here are some examples. Oh and when you are a Spurtle and sandstone looking you tend to blend in!!

First Sydney Town Hall.....

And St Andrews Cathedral.......

And the GPO!!! Whilst it still has a post office, it actually has a great hotel, cheese and wine store and restaurants.

Oh and her is the Sydney Tower - I really wanted to go up there but just didn't have time as I needed to get ready for my next destination - New Zealand!

Oh, but here is just one last photo of me on TOP of the Harbour Bridge - well sort off!!!!

I suddenly remembered that I had an invitation to a wedding in Nelson New Zealand. Gosh, I hope I make it as it is on the 21st March!! Well at least I am already dressed for the occasion.

Roll on New Zealand!


  1. I had forgotten about Bertie. I am sitting here in tears of laughter.

  2. I invite Bertie to travel with Barbara and me on our 14 week caravan and fly fishing trip round Tasmania, Australia, commencing 2nd September 2010. We would love to have him share our experiences, just as hundreds of members of the Australian Caravan Club will be doing. I am sure they would all welcome Bertie with open arms.