Friday, March 20, 2009

Sydney Town!

Well I know it has been a while since I posted on here but I have been busy and well, with one thing another time just flew (and the battery ran out in my chaperone's camera too!)

But what a time in Sydney I had - so much to see and do and really just not enough time.

Where to start..........well, I was staying in a lovely apartment for my entire stay so that was fun had glorious views of Darling Harbour and Centrepoint Tower but I wasn't just relaxing no I took in several sites.

Let's see - had to walk over the Harbour Bridge and her I am doing just that!

(See the person jogging?) I didn't do that I took in the amazing structure that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can climb the bridge and climb to the top of the arch - amazing the views!!

Of course, whilst walking across you get a great view of the Sydney Opera House. I even walked down to the Opera House a few days later which just really got me to appreciate the wonder of the design. It is really one of the wonders of the world.

Now, having ticked off the 2 must sees in Sydney I then took a stroll around Sydney town.

Gee, there is a lot of sandstone in Sydney and here are some examples. Oh and when you are a Spurtle and sandstone looking you tend to blend in!!

First Sydney Town Hall.....

And St Andrews Cathedral.......

And the GPO!!! Whilst it still has a post office, it actually has a great hotel, cheese and wine store and restaurants.

Oh and her is the Sydney Tower - I really wanted to go up there but just didn't have time as I needed to get ready for my next destination - New Zealand!

Oh, but here is just one last photo of me on TOP of the Harbour Bridge - well sort off!!!!

I suddenly remembered that I had an invitation to a wedding in Nelson New Zealand. Gosh, I hope I make it as it is on the 21st March!! Well at least I am already dressed for the occasion.

Roll on New Zealand!