Monday, February 1, 2010

The party.

Oh dear! Bit of a headache this morning. Had a roaring party in the kitchen. Overindulged in that potent mixture of furniture polish and porridge oats. We've all done it though, haven't we? But I shouldn't have mixed the furniture polishes.
Spent half an hour looking for re-runs of Andy Stewart's Hogmanay on my hosts cable T.V. Over a hundred channels and no ANDY STEWART!! I wouldn't pay my T.V. license if I was them.
My host (FRAN) wasn't to pleased with the state of her kitchen this morning either. (She doesn't know how to party!!!!)
Oh well, back to bed for a few hours.

Happy New Year.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Having a bit of a party later with the kitchen staff, that's if the host ever goes to bed. Boy she can natter!
I have the new shirt to wear for the occasion and Myrtle looks mighty fine in her *best* dress too.

Christmas Day.


Hope you are having or had a wonderful Christmas and you got lots of presents.
I got a new shirt, very snazzy indeed.
Tonight we are going to the Christmas party on the Kibbutz, I've heard there will be lots of lovely food and bingo later. Hope we are all lucky.

Bertie's arrival in Israel.

Well, I've just arrived in Israel and what a shock the weather is to me. I left the snow of Scotland last week to this lovely sunshine. Couldn't wait to get out of my padded envelope and get some sun on my back.
My cousin, Myrtle the Spurtle, was happy to show me around the garden and fend off my hosts dog who wanted to play *Go fetch* with me. He might have had that on his mind, but I had PASSION on mine. That Myrtle is a real looker.
Nice to be here in time for Christmas though. Wonder what they have planned for me?