Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome to Exeter!

Hi Bertie here!

Had a great time in Canberra and there is so much to see and do - I must go back there again sometime as there are a couple of places I want to go back and see!

Anyway, arrived safely at Exeter in the Southern Highlands of NSW. My next chaperone wasn't at home so I spent a couple of days resting in my package and it was nice to kick back and relax after such a hectic couple of visits.

So when my chaperone came home from Sydney I was quickly released from my sleeping quarters and was prepared for a couple of days of travel and adventure.

Firstly, we went to the south coast of NSW, Nowra to be exact where my chaperone had to pick up her new car - very exciting as I got to drive in the front with her - she's not a bad driver but she likes to go fast!!

We then had lunch at Bomaderry Bowling Club where we met my chaperone's father, had a few drinks and then watched him play competition bowls.

I had never been to a lawn bowls tournament before and it was great - all these men, some looked serious, some not so and even an 11 year old boy who plays in the top team!.

Anyway here's me watching the bowls.

Very interesting game bowls, more strategy than you think and those bowls don't seem to have to be thrown too hard. A lot of waving of white rags, use of chalk and tape measures when deciding who is closer takes place.

A very enjoyable afternoon and best of all my chaperone's father played very well and his team won! Yay!!!

So back in the fast new car and we mad a quick stop at a petrol station at Kangaroo Valley and of course visited the lovely historical bridge. Here I am at the Hampden Bridge It's a cool bridge - only one car at a time is allowed to go it and it is suspended - I was a little scared but my chaperone said not to worry as she would keep me safe and she did.

Today, after a night of rest we went to beautiful Bowral and I insisted that if I was going there, there was only one place I had to visit and that was the home of Sir Donald Bradman and Bradman Oval.

Thankfully, my chaperone is very compliant and she and her husband (who seems a little bewildered about a Spurtle being taken around and photographed in places) took me to see the oval and statue of THE DON.

Here I am next to Sir Donald - just outside the museum set up in his honour. and here I am at the entrance of the oval (can you see me I am there - look on the fence!) and thoughtfully there was a match being played - so very civilised, so very English!

I then came back to my chaperone's house and I did a "gig" with her husband who is a bit of musician - see me? I am playing the drums with him and here is the song called shuffle that we played - cool eh? That's me on the drums and here is another called Ska. Just click play hi fi to listen to me!

I was pretty tired after that so I am having a rest and my chaperone has surprised me by telling me I am off to Sydney with her for the week to see some of the sites while she works! - Woo Hoo!

Catch ya all soon!


  1. Brilliant, just BRILLIANT. What a good time you are having Bertie. Can't wait to see what you get up to in Sydney.
    Did you have a headache, after playing those drums?
    Think we might have a new rock star in our midst. You will be on MTV next!

  2. Well done Gail cant wait to see Bertie will be up to next.

  3. Bertie ? Burlington Bertie ? Bowls ? The little drummer boy ?
    Croquet at Exeter ?
    from Wingello John

  4. He is having a more exiting life than me lol, where's he off to next?

    Vi xx

  5. Kew Bowling Club, the friendliest bowling club on the entire mid-north coast of NSW, sends Bertie its warmest wishes for a safe journey "aroond the wauld". We are delighted one of Bertie's first stop-overs was at a bowling club ... the magnificent south coast club ... BOMADERRY. Should Bertie's path bring him to the mid-north coast, Kew BC would be delighted to be his host as he takes in the magnificent scenery around the Camden Haven River region of Kew, Kendall, Laurieton, Dunbogan, and North Haven. A trip to the top of Big Brother Mountain, with it's spectacular views to Taree in the south and Port Macquarie in the North, would take his breath away (if he had any). To arrange all this just go to