Saturday, January 24, 2009

How the Adventures Began.........

For this SPURTLE, it began by me getting him from the Central Coast Wood Turners Association. A group of men that turn wonderful pieces of wood into delightful objects and then sell them. I have got many over the years from *Jim* who really takes pride in his work, and would be very surprised to know that this one is about to travel the world.

This is the little note that is attached with tartan ribbon, when you acquire one of Jim's SPURTLES.

Now, thanks to WIKIPEDIA, the free encyclopedia, here is a little bit of history on THE SPURTLE.

The spurtle (or "spirtle") is a Scots kitchen tool, dating from at least the fifteenth century. It was originally a flat, wooden, spatula-like utensil, used for flipping oatcakes on a hot griddle. This terminology is now confined to Angus and Perthshire.
Over time, the original implement changed shape and began being used specifically for stirring
oatmeal and soups. The rod-like shape is designed for constant stirring which prevents the porridge from congealing and so becoming lumpy and unappetising.[1] It looks like a fat wooden dowel, often with a contoured end to give the user a better grip. It is in common use throughout Scotland, although it is rarer in Angus and Fife where the term theevil is used.
The word may derive from the Latin
There is a World
Porridge Cooking Contest known as "The Golden Spurtle".

Yeah, but how come this one is going around the world? Did I hear you ask?
Well, over on the foodie forum I belong to, one of the members suggested that we pick an item and post it to other members and then photograph the item in it's *holiday place*.
So, wanting to spread the word on SPURTLES, Mr. Bertie L. Spurtle was born.
There is also a set of plastic measuring spoons and a mini whisk about to start their travels around the world in the same way.
Good luck BERTIE and have a wonderful time.
I will endeavour to keep you up to date on his travels.

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  1. Bon Voyagee Mr B! Happy travels:) Looking forward to seeing what you get up to!